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Learn to Swim School Program—Nightcliff Pool

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This is our introductory level for those swimmers needing to develop basic water confidence and skills. In this level we teach our students to explore the environment whilst trusting (and respecting) the water. By the time students complete this level they will be able to blow bubbles underwater, fully submerge themselves, look underwater confidently, float on their back with a board, complete a short swim both with and with out a board, enter and exit the water safely.

Building on the skills learned in the tadpoles to control their body in the water and explore their environment we begin teaching correct propulsive skills in the goldfish level. In this level we focus on two main swimming skills correct freestyle and backstroke kick and the ability to balance and control the body whilst both moving and floating in the water. We also continue the development of basic breathing skills

With a stable body position and a strong freestyle and backstroke kick developed in the Goldfish level, we move on to introducing the arms in the Starfish level. The focus on the arms in this level is organizing them so that they build on directly from the skills taught in the Goldfish level and are completely controlled by the swimmer. During this level we also introduce the side breathing body position used in freestyle.

This is the final level of our program and upon completion swimmers will be able to complete 100m each of backstroke and freestyle with tumble turns, sustaining correct technique. Swimmers will also be able to complete 50m of correct breaststroke, 25m of correct butterfly, a racing dive and will be able to tread water for 2 minutes.

During this level development of the freestyle and backstroke continue with refinement of the stroke skills and an extension of the distance swum to 25m for both of these strokes. Technique skills which are introduced include the correct recovery technique and body roll for the strokes students are also expected to use correct bilateral side breathing. During this level we also introduce the breaststroke kick to our students.

The dolphin level increases the distance over which the freestyle and backstroke techniques must be sustained to 50m. New stroke elements which are introduced include sculling and the ‘catch’ at the start of each stroke to produce a bent arm pull. Building on from the Stingray level the breaststroke pull is introduced along with the correct timing of the kick and pull in the stroke. During this level we also  introduce the butterfly kick and the kneeling dive.