Swimmers with Disability Programs

Total Recreation school program

Each year Total Recreation supports and coordinates a swimming program for special needs classes of  schools in the Palmerston and rural area in both Terms 1 & 4 and the Palmerston Lifestyle and Aquatic Centre.  The program is jointly delivered by Royal Life Saving NT and Swim Dynamics with great benefits for the kids mentally, physically and socially.

This program culminates each year with a Swimming Carnival in Term 1 between all of the schools with invitations sent out to Henbury and Nemaluk Schools.


Palmerston and Rural Sharks Swim Club (STARFISH squad)

In conjunction with the Palmerston and Rural Swimming Club, Swim Dynamics offer a dedicated training session for those looking to ease their way into a squad environment or simply experience a little bit more training whilst still having their individual needs respected. This program with Palmerston and Rural Swimming Club is the next step for those who enjoy the total recreation school program or simply swimming socially. This group does feed into the clubs mainstream coaching program but is completely optional for swimmers to take that next step. Fees are $10 per session (plus pool entry) casually or there is is discounted term rate for 2 nights per week. Swimmers are encouraged to register with the club after a short trial period so that they can enjoy the clubs social activities.

CONTACT our office for more information   ph:  0421631624




Starfish Swim Group—Henbury school


The program provides an opportunity for families who have children with disability to access a free water skills program, with a qualified instructor and encourages physical exercise and healthy activity.

The children are provided one-on-one instruction periods on water safety and learning to swim at their pace with confidence. These are ˝ hour sessions held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at Henbury School pool. Starfish goals are to pursue pathways for members with disability to progress to a swimming club including the Palmerston and Rural Swimming Club program.





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