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Our services are built on the principle of scientific insight and real world experience from the perspectives of the athlete, student and instructor/coach. We are driven by a passion for helping others achieve their personal potential by continually challenging our programs, services and our team continue to grow, improve and become the best that they can be.

Swim Dynamics is owned and managed by home grown Territorian, Daniel Gerlach. Daniel has built a team of people around him who are passionate about helping others and being the best they can be, these staff and their passions are the reason we can provide the fantastic services and experiences we do.


We have developed a unique swim and stroke progression program developed through academic, exercise and sport science knowledge in human movement, psychology and physiology (how the brain and body function together), our teams personal experiences of swimming and training at both beginner and elite levels, teaching and coaching experience working with adults and children of all ages in both, learn to swim and competitive swimming settings. Basically…. We have had a go at just about everything.


Whatever your age or swimming ability, Swim Dynamics can help you get wet…....get fit……..(and if you want) get fast!

GET WET ..........GET FIT...........GET FAST

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