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Tips for

Parent & Child Classes

For many of you it may be the first time you have taken your child to swimming lessons so here are some helpful tips to make it an amazing experience for you both.


  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your lesson to give you enough time to change yourself and your child.

  • Apply any sunscreen 30 min before going into the pool for best effect. Ensure anything used on Bub is appropriate for sensitive skin. 

  • Swim nappies (either reusable or disposable) are a must in the pool. If you are unsure, good swim nappies will have a double gutter around the legs.

  • We recommend dressing your child in a rashie. This is not only for sun protection but also makes them easier to handle in the water.

  • Parents in the pool are asked to wear a rashie or t-shirt. You’ll appreciate this when they start grabbing things (and we want them to do this to develop their grip strength and pull themselves to safety) You would much rather they grab your shirt than your chest hair or bather straps!

  • Ensure your towel is handy close to the pool for when you are finished, easy to grab with one hand and dry off your little one before they get cold.

  • A dry change of clothes for Bub and a clean dry nappy.

  • Dry clothes for the adult.

  • Some small snacks in contained packaging to keep the happy and entertained whilst you get changed as well (more important as they become mobile).

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