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Learn to Swim

The Swim Dynamics Learn to Swim Program is based on a progressive system of  swimming and survival skills over six levels. our beginner level begins with basic water confidence and propulsion through to our last level working on all 4 competitive strokes being squad ready and more advanced survival skills

Our school-aged program is aimed at children aged 3-16 years. Each level focuses on teaching students how to control, learn from and explore the aquatic environment to maximise their progression and enjoyment.

We also cater for adults with three different levels following a similar pathway to our mainstream program or there is the option of private lessons. 


The lessons consist of a weekly 30 minute class run over the school term. Holiday intensive programs are also run as 30 minute lessons but are run as one lesson per day over a period of a week. All of our Classes are run with small groups with only 4-5 students per class. 



Our instructors are always looking for new students to share their passion and knowledge of the water with. To make sure that no skills are missed which may stop a student from progressing through later, all new enrolments must be assessed. Once your enrolment has been received our team will contact you to schedule your assessment.

We accept the $100 Sport Vouchers, $100 Learn to Swim Vouchers & Water Safety Vouchers

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