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Water Safety at Home

Water safety around the home is not just for those who have a backyard pool or spa. There are also other dangers that families often overlook. A child could get into trouble in as little as 10cm of water. One of the most wonderful things about children is that they love to explore which means they're always inspecting your home to see what mischief they can find - You'll need to carry out that inspection first to ensure they can explore safely.

Keep the whole family safe by making a habit of going through the following checks:


1. Pull the bath plug – Make a habit of pulling the bath plug as you get the kids out to ensure it is not left filled with water.

2. Check the yard for anything that could be filled with water unexpectedly, for example, during a wet season downpour -This could be buckets, wheelbarrows, baby baths, plastic pools etc.

3. ALWAYS SUPERVISE – The most important layer of protection to keep your family safe around water is to supervise. In every lesson we teach the kids they must always swim with an adult. No matter what their level of swimming ability is – never leave a child around water without supervision.

For those who have a backyard pool or spa:

1. Remove all pool toys and store out of sight when not in use. This reduces the temptation for them to try and get to them when it’s not pool time.

2. Ensure the fence is clear – Remove anything from around the pool fence that could be used to climb on (and consequently over the fence!) Remember this could even be something not directly at the gate but close enough that it could be moved towards it by those determined little ones!

3. Check the gate latches properly – Your pool gate should self-close and latch securely each time it is used.

4. Ensure any chemicals or cleaning products used for the pool or spa are stored safely and securely

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