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June / July School Holiday 
Intensive Swim Programs

School Holiday are a great opportunity for some Intensive Practise. Intensive programs are a perfect opportunity to consolidate or boost your child's swimming and water safety skills. 

  • With a smaller gap between classes (not once per week) Intensive Programs offer students and teachers to do more Practice and less reviewing.

  • With a lesson every day or every other day students get a stronger sense of continuity and can make leaps they may have been struggling with.

  • Because lessons happen so quickly one after another, its much easier for students to see and feel pride in their improvements 

  • The regular sessions with improved practice is a great opportunity to add extra strength and fitness to those swim skills giving kids the extra edge to work towards progression. 

Our next Holiday Intensive Program will be held over the three (3) weeks of  school holidays in June/July, 27th June -17th July. Classes will be held Mon-Wed- Fri each week. Students will have a 30 minute classes scheduled between 8:30 and 12:00 on each day. Group classes will be between 8:30 and 9:30am with privates offered from 9:30am onwards.

**if you are looking to do private sessions outside of these times please contact our office to discuss what we might be able to offer



(3 days per week MON - WED - FRI)   

Week #1 - 27th June - 1st July

Week #2 - 4th July - 8th July

Week #3 - 11th July - 15th July   

Students are encouraged to register for all 3 weeks but can also enrol for 1 or 2 of the weeks only. Preference will go to students completing the full 3 weeks.


Nightcliff Pool



    Group classes   -  8:30am - 9:30am    (30min classes according to level)

    Private Classes -  9:30am -11:30am  (30min classes at allocated times)


    Private Classes - by enquiry only


Group Classes

         $165 - Full program, 3 weeks ($55 per week)

         $65 per week if not doing full program

Private Classes      

         $360 - Full program, 3 weeks ($120 per week)

         $135 per week if not doing full program

Casual Private Lessons may be available outside of our program times $60/ 30 min session


Each week - 3 x  30min classes scheduled at the same time  Mon, Wed & Friday.

Both group classes and private classes are available

How to Enrol: 

Click the link and Complete the form below 



Follow the link below to complete your registration.

Select whether you are registering for the full 3 week program or looking to register for only 1 or 2 weeks of the program. Preferential enrolment will be given to students enrolling in the full program

Full Program registration (3 Weeks)
Part Program registration (1 or 2 Weeks)

If you have additional questions or a specific request (including out of session privates)

Please contact our office via email or phone